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Dr. Mark Burick

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Dr. Burick received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania in 1981. After eight long years working in a casino in Atlantic City, he received inspiration to begin his studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Burick earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1992. His education has continued throughout his 20+ years  in private practice. Dr. Burick has advanced certification in whiplash and spine trauma from the Spinal Research Institute of San Diego, certification in the foundations of functional nutrition, and is a certified Koren Specific Technique practitioner. He has studied extensively with Dr. James Chestnut, and has completed his Wellness Practice Certification course. Dr. Burick has also received advanced training in Nutrition Response Testing and is excited to offer Nutritional Healing to our patients.

Dr. Burick is committed to enrich and prolong lives through specific chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle education. Along with exceptional chiropractic care, his patients are encouraged to become active participants in their healing, ensuring they know what to do to maintain their health and wellness.

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The Gonstead concept of chiropractic begins with a basic biomechanical principle of physics. Every engineer, architect, builder and carpenter knows the importance of a proper foundation and a balance of structure in constructing a building. In other words, any slight change or shift in the foundation can cause a great amount of deviation in the top part of the structure and ultimately, it will collapse. Likewise, in human body, the 'Pelvic bone' which is the foundation of the body and 'Disc' which is a connector of all the spine bones, are the CRITICAL key components of our body health.

The reason is our nervous system from the brain comes out through the spine bones and spreads out to all body parts to regulate and control them, such as digestion, breathing, heart beating, hormone balance, immune system, muscle and joint movement.... everything. The Gonstead system does not simply give a mobility into the spine bones and treat the symptoms temporarily, but it rather removes the 'CAUSE' of health problem by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using five criteria.

I'm convinced that the Gonstead system is one of the optimal chiropractic techniques. Regular chiropractic care helps your body function better and prevent further injuries or dis-ease.

Office Manager

Melissa was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest--born in Alaska, she has also spent time in Washington, Oregon, and even ventured south into California.  However, since 2008, Seattle has been home.  She loves the vivid greenery surrounding our city.  Melissa has a 10-year-old son, Zarab, who is a huge sports fan and, to Melissa's chagrin, a loyal Broncos fan.  Prior to working at Midtown, Melissa was a legal secretary, who had a passion for helping people--and now she's found Midtown Chiropractic as the perfect place to help them on their journey to healing and better health.  She is also an avid gluten-free/dairy free baker (though not always a successful one), and is always looking for delicious new recipes to try--so feel free to send some her way! Melissa is now looking forward to welcoming her second son, Zenith, into the world in November.

Dr. Burick has been serving the downtown
Seattle community for over 22 years.
Our building has a large & safe,  underground
multi-level garage. Walk-Ins are welcome!
Chiropractor Seattle


Chiropractor Seattle


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