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Auto Injury Chiropractic Care

You’ve Been in an Auto Accident. Why Should you See a Chiropractor?

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident you may have obvious injuries or just some general discomfort; soreness, aches and pains. Some common symptoms are whiplash or general pain of the head, neck and back. What you may not recognize immediately are early signs of nerve damage, circulatory symptoms like numbness, aches and localized discomfort.

Without diagnosis and treatment those symptoms can increase risk of arthritis, chronic neck and back pain and deterioration of disks and vertebrae. Just as you might have a sports injury or a slip and fall injury assessed by a doctor, you should have your neck and back examined after an auto accident. They are common areas to be affected by the impact of a car accident.


What can you expect?

All new patients are invited to come into our office for a free 10 minute consultation. At your exam appointment, we begin by discussing the recent events that brought you in and your long term health history. We want to understand the progression of events that lead to your current symptoms and your general state of health before making any treatment recommendations.

Your current symptoms, existing health factors and your lifestyle will all figure into your care and rehabilitation plan. We want you to be an active partner in your journey back to health and full mobility.


Possible Treatment

Each patient’s experience will be different, but here are some examples of treatment options ranging from light adjustments to help reduce pain and increase mobility to more serious rehabilitation of the neck and spine.


Adjustment – Anyone recovering from an impact injury to the spine can benefit from light manual adjustment and a regimen of stretching, improved posture and good habits to maintain back health.


In more serious cases of injury, we will create a rehabilitation plan…what many patients might consider physical therapy to help you regain optimal muscle and nerve function as well as to improve blood flow through the neck and back. Each patient receives a customized plan to help them regain pain-free days and nights as soon as possible.


How Long Will You Need Treatment?

Short term treatment could entail adjustments, exercises and rehabilitation for a few weeks.

More serious injuries can require a treatment path of a few months. In all cases we are looking for a reduction in pain, a greater range of motion and the recovery of your body and your quality of life. Just as your family doctor will set a broken arm and help you recover quickly and completely; our doctors will create a pain reduction and rehabilitation plan for your neck and back.


How does this work with insurance?

Each case is different, but in many cases your insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) plan will cover your treatment fully or in part. We can help you assess the best path for healing in concert with your insurance company after your initial free consultation.


Will this affect my insurance premiums?

In most cases, no. The injuries and discomfort experienced after a car accident are legitimate reasons for seeking chiropractic care and you should not see an increase in monthly premiums.


If you’re ready to speak with our team about auto injury chiropractic care, get in touch. We’re ready to help you on your way to recovery.


*Note: The contents of this page are not intended as medical advice for users of the website. They should be considered general information about chiropractics and spinal care only. If you have questions about a medical condition please call or write.