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Dr. Perry Chinn has been a licensed chiropractor in the state of Washington for 28 years. He is the recipient of the Gonstead Trust Scholarship, current board member and diplomate of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. His goal is to provide the highest level of chiropractic care for the community of Seattle and greater Puget Sound. Soaring Beyond Fear was published Feb. of 2010 and has been highly acclaimed by many well known coaches and leaders in the self-improvement industry. Dr. Chinn is the author of Symphony of Wellness. More information at www.PerryChinn.com

Dr. Perry Chinn is Seattle's foremost Gonstead authority. The Gonstead Concept of chiropractic begins with a basic biomechanical principle of physics. Every engineer, architect, builder and carpenter knows the importance of a proper foundation in constructing a building, for this insures durability and long life. Any slight change or shift in the foundation can cause a great amount of deviation in the top part of the structure and, perhaps, ultimately, its collapse.

Dr. Chinn primarily practices and teaches the Gonstead system. He is certified to teach the technique to other chiropractors as certified by the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. He has been in chiropractic practice for over 28 years and also specializes in cranial adjusting.  Dr. Chinn excels in functional correction of the intervertebral disc and has been formulating nutritional products for 7 years

Chiropractor Seattle

Dr. Burick has been serving the downtown
Seattle community for over 22 years.
Our building has a large & safe,  underground
multi-level garage. Walk-Ins are welcome!
Chiropractor Seattle


Chiropractor Seattle


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